Company POLICY

ALAM MARITIM GROUP believes that sincere and continual commitment towards excellence on Health, Safety and Environment, is vital in sustaining and preventing injury to human or loss of life, damages to our assets as well as the preservation of the marine environment

ALAM MARITIM GROUP is in compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code in our maritime operations as well as internationally recognized Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE-MS) in our business operations.

IMS Objective

ALAM Maritim Group's IMS Objectives are to: -

  1. Promote excellent quality, health, safety and environment management in all aspects of activities in line with the Group Quality Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) Standards.
  2. Enhance quality service to achieve customers' satisfaction.
  3. Support initiatives for green environment.
  4. Strive towards zero accident at all times.
  5. Identify and manage risks to minimize exposure and mitigate impact.
  6. Promote healthy lifestyle throughout the organization.
  7. Ensure zero non-compliance with QHSE's statutory and regulatory requirements.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

ALAM MARITIM GROUP strictly restrict the consumption or being under the influence of intoxicating drugs and alcohol which would impair the performance of work and a serious threat to the Health, Safety and Environment at our business operations.

ALAM MARITIM GROUP wishes to ensure that each employee is personally responsible not only to themselves but also to others and the Company in eliminating the usage of drug and alcohol across our whole business location. To ensure full compliance to our Policy on elimination of alcohol and drug abuse, the following measures are being implemented:

  • Prior to employment with ALAM MARITIM GROUP, prospective employees are to undergo pre-employment medical screening on drugs and alcohol;
  • Continuously promote working environment with zero tolerance on abuse of drugs and alcohol;
  • Total prohibition of possession, distribution or sales of drugs or alcohol at every ALAM MARITIM GROUP work location;
  • Random test on drugs and alcohol in situation where suspected drugs or alcohol abuse has occurred;
  • Conducting comprehensive investigation after occurrence of an incident or accident, whereby the possibility of alcohol or drugs might have been a contributing factor;
  • Unannounced periodic or random testing on employees to be conducted as deemed necessary by the Company;
  • Conduct lawful searches for alcohol and drug at any work area or location; and
  • Employees found to be in possession or under the influence of drugs and alcohol are subjected to disciplinary action that includes immediate termination of employment with the Company.

IMS Policy

ALAM Maritim Group shall strive to continually deliver quality services and products that meet the stakeholders' requirements.

We shall consistently monitor and review our performance to improve our business operating culture and work processes in accordance with Quality Health, Safety & Environment Management System (QHSE-MS) to become a preferred offshore services partner in the Oil & Gas Industry.

In order to realize this, we shall provide optimum resources to adopt the IMS approach while not neglecting addressing any potential adverse impact on human health, safety and environment in all aspects of our activities and promoting continuous improvement as ALAM way of life.

We shall ensure that this policy is communicated and inculcated throughout the organization and to the stakeholders.

It is the responsibility of everyone in ALAM Maritim Group to apply QHSE-MS in all work processes.

Stop Work Policy

ALAM MARITIM GROUP believes that no work to be performed by us in the execution of our daily business operation is so urgent that we cannot take time to do it safely.

In the aspiration of the prevention of injury to our people and damages to our property as well as the environment, the following STOP WORK POLICY shall prevail within the ALAM MARITIM GROUP under the following circumstances:

  1. When work activities are imposing an Immediate Danger To Life and Health (IDLH) to our personnel during adverse weather conditions or during hazardous or critical work operations;
  2. When action by an Individual or a Team is in non-compliance with the set standards and procedures for performing the job tasks;
  3. When works to be performed is not in accordance with the agreed Job Method Statement and the approved Job Hazards/Safety Analysis (JHA/JSA) thus imposing unnecessary risks to the tasks performer.

Departmental, Line, Base Managers, Vessels Masters and Line Supervisors are accountable and responsible in ensuring that the STOP WORK POLICY is exercised accordingly under the above circumstances to ensure the ultimate goal of An Injury Free Work Place can be achieved across ALAM MARITIM GROUP work locations.

ALAM MARITIM GROUP is totally committed to endeavour attaining an incident free and safe working environment and achieve continual excellence towards the protection of Health, Safety and Environment.

ABAC Policy

We, employee and Directors of ALAM Group of Companies (“ALAM”):

  1. Are committed to uphold integrity values in practicing business ethics and to maintain good corporate governance among employees, Directors and with the relevant external parties at all time.
  2. Acknowledge and shall adhere to the ABAC Policy and ALAM’s related Manuals including the Employee Handbook;
  3. Shall not compromise to any bribery and corruption practice to safeguard reputation of ALAM and its Stakeholders;
  4. Shall prevent, report and mitigate risks against bribery and corruption according to the ABAC Policy and shall monitor fraud risks regularly and effectively;
  5. Shall, upon act of bribery and corruption being reported, fully co-operate in any investigation thereto, to ensure a fair due diligent process is carried out;
  6. Continuously promote to ALAM’s employees, Directors and contractors on zero tolerance of bribery and corruption practices where training on fraud prevention, its management and effective mitigations shall be conducted among ALAM’s employees and Directors.